Coaching with Joseph could not have gone better, or have been more difficult.  While this might sound contradictory, I have come to believe that this is exactly what the best coaches do.  Good coaches push you hard. The best coaches get you to push yourself beyond what you thought was possible.  And this is exactly what Joseph did for me.


Principal Architect

“I directly attribute a $250,000 profit to my investment with Joseph. If you’re a skeptic like I was, get over it; that’s a surefire sign you need it.”

Ray T.
Managing Partner

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from "World-Class Coaching Comes Down to This One Thing"

[…]The actions a resourceful leader takes come from a profound trust that the world is more generous than it is scarce. This trust comes from their belief in people. Leaders committed to being resourceful  see beyond their immediate connections and recognize that each member of her own community is a connection point into hundreds of connected communities. Because of the scale of those multiplying communities, leaders typically barely scratch the surface of the resources available to them. 

A world-class coach is intent on impacting not only their client but also their client’s entire world. 

We train our coaches the same way we coach our clients. We identify what it is they want to gain as a result of their coaching. Once we’ve identified that, the powerful question that follows is: “What would you be creating when you have that?” 

A world-class coach doesn’t just want you to build muscles. 

A world-class coach holds space for you to figure out what you’ll create with those muscles. And then, together, you get to work to develop the strength, power, and skill required for your creation.

What Motivates You?

Take the 5i Assessment

In any given moment, why do you choose what you choose? And how can you design your life around the things that motivate you most?

That’s what this assessment is about.

The 5i Assessment is designed to help you identify what is currently motivating you and to examine if that motivation is taking you where you want to go.

This is different from other assessments in that we’re not trying to tell you “who you are.” This isn’t a deep look into your soul, as much as people would like it to be. You are far too complex for that. This is simply one lens to help you create from.

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