Executive Coaching

to become the best at getting better

Transformational Coaching

to become the best at getting better

I coach individuals and teams to accomplish things they judged as impossible.

"100% curiosity, 0% judgment, and an invitation to make bold commitments on each insight. It wasn't more exciting ideas or leadership hacks to admire from afar- it was me putting myself on the hook for the service of others. Joseph's coaching was instrumental in helping me lead a 2X growth for our organization in under 12 months."
- Jeremiah Aja, Director of Business Development


Joseph A. Thompson

Joseph is an Associate Partner at Novus Global and Vice President of Operations at The Meta Performance™ Institute. He works with senior leaders and founders across multiple industries as they upgrade their high performance to Meta Performance™. He has a lifetime of leadership experience that includes over fourteen years in nearly every level of the education industry. He has achieved record-breaking revenue and profit growth in multiple industries. He received a BA in liberal arts from Thomas Aquinas College and a MA in English from the University of Mississippi. He is also a graduate of The Meta Performance Institute for Coaching. He lives in Texas with his wife of 14+ years and his five children.


How can I Serve You?


Whether it’s 1:1 or in a group, my coaching relies on specific questions and insight to

  • identify a powerful vision that you can’t accomplish on your own,
  • examine the mindsets that help or hinder realizing that vision
  • create strategies to make that vision a reality

Corporate & Team Training

Alongside my colleagues at Novus Global, I serve teams as they learn the tools that help them explore what they’re capable of. Read about how we have helped shift cultures to create new results here.

Coach Development

As the Director for The Meta-Performance Institute, I lead first-time and veteran coaches on the path of mastering the craft of conversations that change lives. As a result, coaches increase their income, impact, and widen the network of clients they serve.


What People say

Ray T.

Managing director

“Working with Joseph, I set an aggressive firm profit goal far outside my intuitive fence; profit at all seemed unattainable given we had been just breaking even for our first nine months. We ended up with a profit of $250,000 – a considerable sum sufficient to give healthy (and well earned) Christmas bonuses to all of our employees.

John P.

Chief Operating Officer

“Joseph held space for me to systematically chip away at ‘blockers’ and challenged me to envision success over and above the things I thought were impossible or could never happen. We formulated a new vision and a much higher bar for success. And he held me accountable to my commitments! Leading my team and influencing other areas of the organization using what I took from coaching helped lead to a six-fold increase in year over year revenue growth in a key segment.