I directly attribute a $250,000 profit to my investment with Joseph. If you’re a skeptic like I was, get over it; that’s a surefire sign you need it.

Ray T.

Managing Partner

“I directly attribute a $250,000 profit to my investment with Joseph. If you’re a skeptic like I was, get over it; that’s a surefire sign you need it.”

Ray T.
Managing Partner

Working with Joseph gave clear and bold action steps to go after big things in my life and work. His fierce advocacy helped me articulate a vision and a clear plan to help lead a quickly growing organization. What was thrilling to experience in working with Joseph was the focus and simplicity he brought to every session. 100% curiosity, 0% judgment, and an invitation to make bold commitments on each insight. It wasn't more exciting ideas or leadership hacks to admire from afar- it was me putting myself on the hook for the service of others. Joseph's coaching was instrumental in helping me lead a 2X growth for our organization in under 12 months.

Whatever lasting things you seek to do in your life cannot be done alone. Take the excitement and energy you feel and invite Joseph to walk with you. The journey will be highly rewarding!
Jeremiah A.
Assistant Director, Wellness Together
Prior to 2020, I managed offices and practice groups at significant national and international law firms for years. Then, on the eve of the national shutdown, I started my own law firm in late January with 10 attorneys in four offices. I had a vision for how to treat our clients and employees, which had earned loyalty on both fronts for many years. I had a solid foundation and every reason to think I already knew everything I needed.

I had never worked with a coach, and was frankly skeptical of the concept, doubtful what I could learn from someone who had never worked as a lawyer, much less managed a law firm. I had it figured out.

Spending an executive retreat with Joseph was an awakening. Those two days hit me like a ton of bricks: seeing the opportunities for growth that I had cleverly ignored – too smart for my own good. The gaps in my blind spots appeared one after another. As I began meeting with Joseph for my personal coaching sessions, I was able to confront the challenges, real and mental, one by one. As it turns out our young firm was in a state of crisis that I hadn’t realized, and by identifying and confronting these challenges we were able to recover the trajectory, surviving and even growing through the pandemic.

Working with Joseph, I set an aggressive firm profit goal far outside my intuitive fence; profit at all seemed unattainable given we had been just breaking even for our first nine months. We ended up with a profit of $250,000 – a considerable sum sufficient to give healthy (and well earned) Christmas bonuses to all of our employees.

I directly attribute this $250,000 profit to the three-month investment with him. If you’re a skeptic like I was, get over it; that’s a surefire sign you need it like I did.
Ray T.
Managing Partner, Tittmann Weix
Leading up to my first experience with Joseph, I thought I was settling into a comfortable position as the COO of a medium-sized business. I had tackled some hard problems that had dogged the company for years, built up some high-functioning teams, and established new standards of performance. Things were going well.

When I first got introduced to coaching, I have to say that initially I wasn’t expecting much. I figured it would be motivational speaker stuff. But in the first session I was taken aback by how action-oriented, practical, and insightful it was. All these things that I thought I had figured out and had clarity on I saw in a completely new light. New opportunities and expanded horizons opened up ahead of me.

Joseph held space for me to systematically chip away at “blockers” and challenged me to envision success over and above the things I thought were impossible or could never happen. We formulated a new vision and a much higher bar for success. And he held me accountable to my commitments! Leading my team and influencing other areas of the organization using what I took from coaching helped lead to a six-fold increase in year over year revenue growth in a key segment. Give it a try. I think you’ll be surprised.
John P.
COO, SaaS Company
I came to Joseph several months ago a little skeptical but mostly excited to see how a coach could help me lead my organization better. I've been blown away, and so have my staff, at the kind of change I've undergone as a leader. We are now a culture characterized by fiercely advocating for our students and faculty. Shattering old, unhelpful, behavior patterns by unlocking new ways to evaluate life's occurrences has helped me in ways I couldn't have imagined. Every meeting leaves me feeling challenged and hopefully expectant of more growth. This investment changed my trajectory as a leader and has had maximum value for the organization.
Russ Y
Head of School
I’m thrilled with the increased confidence of doing hard things with the knowledge that even if it might not work out, I'll still be further than where I was yesterday!
Karianna F.
As soon as I met Joseph I knew that I would value our time together and learn new strategies to reach my potential as a leader. His empathy, humor, compassion, and grounded feedback made each conversation fly by, but not before I had concrete action steps and commitments that got me to lean into my vision. Our coaching sessions were incredibly inspiring and made a big impact on my life and aided me as I grew into a new role within my organization. The coaching sessions pushed me so now I know that I can try, take chances, and go outside my comfort zone.
Melissa O.
Executive Director, Defy Ventures
COVID has emphasized areas of my work and personal life that I want to address. If conversations with Joe were just about helpful tools and perspectives to tackle those areas -- that alone would be worthwhile. But Joe's genius really comes out in moments when I'm hesitating over the right next step towards my goals. Every time I talk to him he has a suggestion that I can only call inspired.​
Brian W.
VP Technology, J.P. Morgan
If you are looking to focus your energy on a new business venture or make a mindset shift of any type Joseph is the person you want on your side. He has helped me channel my focus and drive on several new ventures like I have never done before. He has the insight to know when to challenge you and when to step back and brainstorm new paths to success with you. Having someone that will hold space for you to explore and get clear on your goals, then push you to achieve them is something that is hard to explain, but once you experience it you will change your approach to everything. Joseph should be that person.​
Travis F.
Grammy Nominated Mixer