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to renovate your mind for human flourishing

What are you ready to renovate?

Have you heard yourself saying these things?

Does this describe you?


Joseph A. Thompson

Joseph is an Associate Coach with Novus Global, an elite tribe of executive coaches. He works with people, just like you, to guide them as they transform and renew their lives.


How can I Serve You?


Through individual or group coaching, we follow a straightforward, inquiry-based process to grow in vision, mindset, and strategies. Your transformation accelerates at the speed of your willingness to risk plus your full participation.


My team and I lead trainings or workshops to plant the seeds for a new culture in teams of any size.


I’m a dynamic and articulate speaker, able to provide value in a variety of industries, connecting with a wide range of age groups, company cultures, and diverse audiences to inspire your team to take immediate action.



What People say

Jeremiah A.

Assistant Director

“Working with Joseph gave clear and bold action steps to answer this nagging question. His fierce advocacy helped me articulate a vision and a clear action plan to help lead a quickly growing organization.”

John P.

Chief Operating Officer

“In the first session I was taken aback by how action-oriented, practical, and insightful it was. All these things that I thought I had figured out and had clarity on I saw in a completely new light. New opportunities and expanded horizons opened up ahead of me.”

Are you ready?

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